Current data for pest control jobs

Pest control workers, sometimes called pest management professionals, or technicians, inspect homes and offices in an attempt to determine infestations and come up with a plan to clean them up. Though the term most people use to describe them is "exterminator".
To this purpose they are required to deploy a variety of methods and use several chemical, mechanical or electrical solutions and devices, depending on what the situation asks for. Strict health regulations are necessary to avoid contamination.

Justice Bus

Unfortunately in Millionaire City, hundreds of working families are forced to go without their hard-earned wages due to unscrupulous employers, ineffective workplace law enforcement, and lack of protections on the job. We believe that all Houstonians should be able to make a living with dignity and respect. That’s why this year, we are celebrating The Value of Our Work.

We will be visiting unscrupulous employers and denouncing labor abuses in our city and we will also learn how we can make Houston a just and prosperous place to work!

Houston Wage Theft Report

In the city of Houston, second only to New York City in the number of Fortune 500 headquarters, which as an independent nation would rank as the world’s 30th largest economy, all of its residents should be able to prosper. However, as wage theft is becoming a defining trend of low-wage industries in the 21st century, Houston workers and businesses are being hard-hit with the dire consequences of this labor abuse. The repercussions of wage theft are city-wide and affect business owners, consumers, and workers alike.

Houston Community Rallies to Bring Down Wage Theft

On March 20th, 2012, despite rain, flooded streets and tornado warnings, over 100 Houstonians – workers, responsible business owners, and community, faith and labor allies – gathered for a march and rally in front of City Hall demanding action from council members and the Mayor to end wage theft.

Speakers at the rally included: Council Member Wanda Adams who presented a proclamation on behalf of the City denouncing wage theft and declaring March 20th “Wage Theft Awareness Day”, Kim Bobo, the National Executive Director and Founder of Interfaith Worker Justice, Deacon Sam Dunning, Director of the Office of Justice and Peace of the Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, and Cindy Gutowski and Adalinda Rodriguez, active members of the Houston Interfaith Worker Justice Center whose families have been directly affected by wage theft. Many other great community leaders also spoke on the wide-spread effects of wage theft in Houston and the need for action from our city officials.